The beauty, grace and intelligence of dolphins will never cease to amaze us. Fulfill your dreams, and join us in one of our exciting programs!.

Royal Swim

The most dynamic of our programs, the Royal Swim allows you experience the magic of swimming with dolphins while you perform exhilarating activities with them.

Swim Adventure

Swim & Snorkel with Dolphins. A unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with dolphins! Experience the joy of a dolphin kiss, marvel at the dolphin’s strength as you are towed through the water in the ‘belly ride’, and fall in love with their gentleness as you cradle a dolphin in your arms.

Dolphin Encounter

In the Encounter we focus on allowing everyone to have a chance to be close up and personal with dolphins, and at the same time our trainers will teach you about these amazing animals.

For more information or to book your day with Swim with the Dolphins:

TELEPHONE. 1 800 655-7630

EMAIL. activities@trevorsactivitycenter.com