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ocean_runner_makoTake a boat out for a day and and explore St. John’s many beaches, or go island hopping, sight seeing, snorkeling and/or partying over in the British Virgin Islands. The many islands in the USVI and BVI’s (British Virgin Islands) make this area a boaters paradise. We offer day trips, boat rentals, guided tours, chartered trips, captained vessels and bare boating (for experienced boaters only).

We have been operating on St John for close to 20 years. Our captains and guides know these waters better than any other rental company in the Virgin Islands. Let us help you plan and discover your dream day in the beautiful blue/green waters of the USVI and BVI.

We offer a wide range of rental options to accommodate up to 10 guests and make your day on the water the best day of your visit to the islands. We are also one of the few companies to offer bareboating for the experienced boater who wants to explore the Virgin Islands themselves. We do require prior boating experience in the VI’s since there are numerous reefs and rocky areas that are dangerous if you do not know the area.
Why rent from us? 1. We offer the finest fleet of rental boats in the market 2. Our rental day is 9-5; when the other guy is packing you up at 3:00 to refuel and be back by 4pm, our guests are still out having fun. We also offer a refueling service for $50 which can save you another 30 minutes of your day. 3. Captains – simply put, we have the best in the USVI who know the best places to go island hopping, snorkeling or sight seeing depending on your agenda. 4. Bare boating – we take the time educate our guests, help with customs paperwork and provide guidance and a chart so even a boater with limited experience in the Virgin Islands will know where to go (and just as importantly where not to). 5. PowerPlays – one of the finest rental powerboats in the Caribbean 6. Customer Service – we believe in doing everything within reason to accommodate our guests and make their day with Ocean Runner the highlight of their vacation.

In addition to our powerboat rentals, we have snorkel gear and offer fishing equipment rental, so if you are looking to catch some fish, we can help you out with that as well.

If you are planning a trip to the British Virgin Islands, a valid passport is required for entry. Customs fees in the BVI’s are approximately $30 per person. There is also a small charge to return back through US Customs. We will help you fill out all the required forms.

We look forward to helping you realize your dream vacation in the Caribbean Virgin Islands. The waters are perfect for sight seeing, snorkeling, beach, island hopping and even fishing. The beaches in the US and British Virgin Islands are rated among the finest in the world. There is no better way to see all of the vacation paradise locations in the Virgin Islands than with an Ocean Runner Powerboat. See you soon!