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Captains Bear & Sandy invite you aboard Sadie Sea. 
Two snorkel stops at little known reefs accessible only by boat. Snorkel demo for “virgin snorkelers!”

Takes the more experienced snorkelers on sunset excursion when the iridescent blue water becomes inky black and is punctuated with shimmering luminescence.

Specializing in hidden, out-of-the-way sites that visitorscan not findon their own. Plan the perfect day. Three different marine environments plus island lore and legend from the pirate Queen of the Caribbean, Captain Sandy West.

Tel 340 715 4944
Email: [email protected]

* Jost Van Dyke – Foxy’s and Soggy Dollar Bar
* Pirates Retirement Home plus Norman Island, Willy T., The Caves and The Indians
* Sunset Cruise with Rum Punch

Sadie Sea is a 40ft. Lindsay Trawler. She is annually inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard, and is approved to carry 37 passengers and 3 crew members. Sadi is the most user friendly charter boat in the islands with plenty of shaded seating areas as well as a large sun deck with additional seating, great views and breezes. With the personality of a little Caribbean cartoon boat, Sadie combines both comfort and seaworthiness, which are two keywords to look for when planning your day on the water.

Meet Capt. Sandy West:
“The Coast Guard calls me Capt. West, y’all can call me Sandy. I am the owner operator of the Motor Vessel Sadie Sea and I would like to welcome y’all aboard for the best day of your vacation.”…This is what you hear as you remove your shoes and step aboard Sadie Sea to start the trip.
With the remenance of her southern drawl from her home state of Virginia, her long blonde hair, and her golden Caribbean tan, Sandy looks more like an expatriate on perpetual vacation than a sea captain, but let me assure you, she handles that big red boat as though it were a charge card at a Macy’s 24 hour sale, with no hesitation. Sandy has been fondly referred to as “The Pirate Queen of the Caribbean” … come and find out why, as she catches your interest and fills your imagination with Pirate Lore and Island History … She loves to weave a yarn.

Meet Capt. Bear:
Capt. Bear/aka/Capt. Sweetie to Sandy, is an ex-proffesional Martial Artist and Bodybuider who decided to make the islands his home about nine years ago. He currently divides his time between operating a very successful Personal Training business on St. John, and being a Coast Guard licenced Captain and driving Sadie Sea. With you first meet him, you’ll see from his broad smile, to his bear-ly civilized attitude towards life in general, that he is a no nonsense kind of person. The kind that somehow makes you you feel comfortable just knowing that he is at the helm. Bear is in charge! Oh, by the way, Bear and Sandy have recently become engaged to be married… imagine that — The pirate Queen of the Caribbean and the Bear … Is St. John ready?

Snorkel to protect the corals

Coral is composed of small animals that are filter feeders. When there is too much silt in the water they literally choke, gag and then die. So the next time you are snorkeling and you want to clear your mask or snorkel or talk to your buddy – take the snorkel out of your mouth and roll over onto your back and float. If you do this you are not finning hard to keep your head above water. Finning can stir up silt as far as 20′ below the surface of the water.
Do you want to know more aboutsnorkeling & the beautiful Caribbean aquatic life? Then come aboard Sadie Sea and complete your snorkeling adventures here in the Caribbean.

Anchors Aweigh!

Tel 340 715 4944
Email: [email protected]