Want to experience the world’s underwater beauty in the safest and easiest way possible?
Try Snuba “GO BEYOND SNORKELING” and breathe easily underwater without wearing heavy restrictive dive gear.

Now you can discover incredible coral formations and schools of tropical fish as you glide effortlessly through the beauty beneath the surface.


Snuba diving is safe family fun and its easy to learn. No proir snorkeling or diving experience is required. After a 15-20 minute orientation, your snuba Snuba Guide will accompany you on an underwater tour of the beautiful marine environment. Snuba guides are trained professionals whose primary goal is to ensure that you safely enjoy a fantastic underwater adventure.

Snuba Recreational Centers are found in popular marine resort areas around the world. So please don’t miss the most beautiful part of the tropical paradise you’re visiting, the part that’s underwater!

Join in one of the newest and fastest growing resort activities anywhere, Snuba diving. It’s certified fun!


For more information or to book your day with Snuba:

TELEPHONE. 1 800 655-7630

EMAIL. activities@trevorsactivitycenter.com