St. John with its beautiful beaches and warm, pristine water is the perfect place to learn paddleboarding. With a SUP you can get to those unspoiled, uncrowded places that cannot be reached by foot or car. In a 1-2 hour lesson, we will teach you the basics and you will be safe to paddle yourself, even if it gets windy.

Paddleboarding is really easy, anyone from young kids to 70-year-old seniors can do it. Only condition: You should be able to swim. But don’t worry, we provide you with Life Vests and Leashes, so the board is attached to your foot and you won’t have to swim too far to get back to the board.

The method we use for teaching is the technique we learned from Annabel Anderson, the world’s fastest female paddler. She has won almost every single race she entered and paddled from Ibiza to the Spanish mainland and the NZ South to North Island.

It is a technique that will make sure you are safe, even if the wind is crazy and you will not get any problems/pain in your back, spine or neck.

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